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Words are my passion. Storytelling takes many forms, and as well as helping charities tell their stories, I tell some of my own.  As a freelance writer I write for a number of commercial and consumer organisations.

My debut bestselling non-fiction book was published by Hachette Ireland in February 2016. Daughter, Mother, Me: a memoir of love, loss and dirty dishes explores my experiences in the Sandwich Years, caring for both young children and sick parents. For more information, please go to www.alanakirkwriting.com

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A selection of my freelance articles include:


I am a regular contributor to the national writing resource website www.writing.ie.  You can read my articles here

irish times

Irish Times Health Supplement

Too much sex? 28th June, 2016

Are we redefining middle age? 5th June, 2016

When parent-child roles reverse, 1st March 2016

The Sandwich Years, 15th February 2016


Physical exercise exercises the brain, 30th April 2013

Turning home into a workplace, 12th February 2013

In search of perfection, 9th October 2012

Depression, 9th October 2012

Time for a cuppa?, 26th June 2012

Eating Together Gives Family Stability, 3rd April 2012

Centres for Hope, 20th March 2012

Struck by a stroke, 6th March 2012

Decluttering, January 3, 2012

Building Blocks to your child’s future, December 6, 2011

The Babies Born into a Legal Limbo, October 26, 2011

From soil to plate Nutrition Booklet, October 11, 2011

Angels and Demons, Nutrition Booklet, October 11, 2011

Why is a gluten-free diet so difficult, 2nd August 2011

Let those angels get dirty faces,  7th July 2011

It’s good to blog,  14th June 2011


Pregnancy & Parenting

Boys & Girls, Autumn 2010

Delaying the Nappy Years, Summer 2010

Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Spring 2010

Pregnancy Blunders, Spring 2010


The Examiner

Dotcom Moms, 18th November 2009


The Dubliner

Booked Up in Dublin, March 2009


Maternity & Infant

Baby’s Health Checks, January 2012

Worried about Weaning? Summer 2012

Keeping the U in Mum, Summer 2011

Child’s Play, Spring 2011

The Circumcision Decision, Summer 2009

Multiple Madness, Spring 2009

And what do you do? – forget multi-tasking, we’re multi-careering!, Sept/Oct 2008

Back to School for Parents, Jul/Aug 2008

Lying Low, May/June 2008

Life in the Fast Lane, March/April 2008


Easy Parenting

The Web Weave, January 2015

Sugar Babies, Winter 2014

Managing a Busy Family, Spring 2014

Secondary Infertility, Winter 2013

Zahra Publishing

MSD Be Well Magazine, Writer and Editor, Spring Issue 2013, Winter Issue 2013, Spring Issue 2014, Winter Issue, 2014


Ultimate Maternity Guide

Back to work, 2016 Issue

Relationships, 2014 issue

Post-Natal Depression, 2013 issue

Coping with Miscarriage, 2013 issue


Modern Mum

SatNav to pregnancy, Summer 2011

It’s OK to admit it’s hard, Summer 2011

The Girl Least Likely, Spring 2011

Halloween Howlers, Autumn 2010

Summer Sensations, Summer 2010

Achieving a Happy Ending for our Little Princesses, Spring 2010

So What Makes a Good Mother Anyway?, Winter 2009

Tall Stories, Spring 2009

Born Again, Spring 2009

Where did you come from?, Winter 2008

Pet hates, Winter 2008

Changing Goalposts of Motherhood, Autumn, 2008

Friendship, Autumn 2008

Deceive to Achieve, Summer 2008

The Two’s – Terrible or Terrific?, Summer 2008

Mum Knows Best, Spring 2008

Rooms of Our Own, Spring 2008

Standing Up for Routine, Spring 2008

Guilty as Charged, Winter 2007

Hormones & Chromosomes, Winter 2007

Survival Guide to Motherhood, Winter 2007

The Truth about Childbirth, Autumn 2007

And Then There Were Two, Autumn 2007

What a Wonderful World, Summer 2007

Spoons at Dawn, Summer 2007

Pillow Talk, Summer 2007

Mothers & Daughters, Spring 2007

From Iron Lady to Ironing Lady, Spring 2007

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