Freelancing: Fraught or Fantastic?

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Freelancing: Fraught or Fantastic?

I wrote this blog for the Writing Resource about freelance writing, but it applies to writing any good story – be that a Direct mail, a blog, or a newsletter article… it’s all about knowing what to say.

Freelancing: Fraught or Fantastic?

The life of a freelancer is like a blank page waiting to be written: as open as your imagination and full of possibilities, or a lonely wilderness that sucks your confidence and makes you want to go and do the dishes.

As a writer of any type – hobbyist, professional or literary artist, hands hovering over a pregnant page is an experience we’ve all had. Will words of wisdom be written, or letters so lacklustre we screw up the page (or if we’re terribly modern, pull into the little trash can at the bottom of the screen) and wash the floor / hoover the car / eat a packet of biscuits?

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