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Fundraising is a tough, competitive business. If you don’t make your supporters feel that they are part of something extraordinary, they won’t be staying.

Case for Support Portfolios.

  • Can you refine and define what every one of your fundraising initiatives is for and what impact it will make?
  • If a donor rang you today, can you summarise in a couple of sentences what the impact of their gift is?
  • Why are you fundraising? What will be different in a year’s time as a result of your fundraising?

It may sound like the simplest thing, but being clear about what you are raising funds for can be a complex matter. Developing a vibrant, concise and compelling Case for Support gives your fundraising plans and donor communications focus, direction and energy. And makes it much easier to fundraise!

A Case for Support can be as simple as a concise Funding Plan and Ask Mechanic for a single fundraising initiative to a detailed document exploring, explaining and emphasising your three year funding needs, and anything in between. But whatever it is, the Case for Support will have one important focus – why should someone give to you and what will be the impact of their support.

I have worked with a number of organisations to help them develop a strong Case for Support that has been instrumental in driving successful fundraising. These include The Irish Cancer Society, BeLonG To, The SCOOP Foundation, The Mercy Hospital Foundation and Cancer Care West.

Donor Communications

We talk about taking donors on a journey, but

  • Do you know where you’re taking them?
  • Do you know how to get them there?
  • Do you know what they will see when they arrive?

Planning your donor communications is key to ensuring you articulate your case for support, tell the story of your organisation and demonstrate the impact of your work – and your supporter’s involvement with you – in a clear and fluid way.

An ask with no story, a thank you with no demonstration of impact, a Newsletter with no focus is a waste of your time, their time and valuable energy and resources.

Every word must count. Every word must work. Every word must make money.

I can help you build a clear Donor Communications Plan to ensure that over the course of 12-18 months you will get across your long term messages, highlight engaging stories, bring out the voices of your organisation, explain your funding need, and demonstrate your impact in a thoughtful and compelling way.

This calendar of donor contact will include a range of approaches and types of communications that will include the donor in your story, and make them feel they are part of something extraordinary.

I have extensive experience developing those communications, from direct mail appeals, Newsletters, blogs and other messaging that bringing your supporter, or prospective supporter right to the heart of what you do.

I can also help you develop a clear set of Donor Communications Guidelines, which will guide all communications and materials to maximise your messages and get across who you are, what you do and the impact of your work.

Fundraising Copy for campaigns, materials and websites.

Carrying a consistent message and demonstrating impact is vital across all your communications – not just your appeal letters.

Everything a donor or prospective supporter will read, from fundraising leaflets, Annual Reports, information sheets to your website, requires consistency of message and clear case for support.

I can help you develop copy for your fundraising materials and organisational communications.

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