Specialising in donor care and communications, I help charities deliver life-changing services, programmes and experiences through better fundraising.  By simply demonstrating your impact in a compelling way, you can achieve high-response donor recruitment and retention.



Improving how we communicate with our supporters can transform fundraising results.

  • Are your donor communications engaging, compelling and effective?
  • Are you spending all your time recruiting new donors but losing existing ones?
  • Do you have a clear idea – and can you express it confidently – about what you are raising funds for today? Next month? This year? Next year?

Improving how we communicate with our supporters can transform fundraising results.

Charities are businesses, having to run at the highest standard and accountable to the highest level – now more than ever. But when we talk to our donors – the everyday people who keep us afloat, who invest their hard earned money, who have problems and issues and dreams and hopes – we have to remove the corporate distance, and reach out as personally and positively as possible.

We have to demonstrate impact, and place them at the centre of their investment, and at that heart of their story with you.

I offer personalised creative services in the area of:

Case for Support portfolios


Donor communications


Fundraising Copy for materials


If you would like to have a chat about how I can help improve the way you engage with donors and increase your fundraising income, please call me on 087 247 3212.


Who will you be working with?

I am a marketing and fundraising professional who has worked words for a living for many years. I worked at a senior level with UNICEF Ireland and Barnardos, where I witnessed some of the most crushing and crucial issues facing children today. I wrote words to persuade, inform, highlight, campaign and motivate, and I learned that the mastery of words can change lives.

As a Creative Fundraising Consultant, I help charities express the impact of their work in a compelling way to deliver high-response donor recruitment and retention. I combine my 15 years of fundraising experience, with my skills as a writer to deliver creative solutions to fundraising challenges that support charities develop their fundraising capabilities and donor communications.

Clients I have worked with

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Over the past few years we’ve had the pleasure of outsourcing much of the ClapHandies PR and programme copywriting to Alana. I’m always surprised when we get the work back at how happy I am with the results as I rarely need any re-writes as she makes our messages sound just right. Having the ability to successfully outsource this work is a real asset to my company.

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